Ideas for Writer's Workshop and research

Spanish video link

Mitarashi Kushi Dango (sweet mochi dessert!)

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Spelling work/ word work

lastnamethen first initial then number from mailbox/PE - Like this if I had a user name MccomasD23
password spellingcity

Literary Essay notes

A Day's Work by Eve Bunting
Grandpa-two days in US
Father died
Descriptive words for abuelo:
Skinny as an old tree, hardworking

~He gardened in Mexico
~2 for 1
~Really a carpenter
~He and Grandpa congratulated each other; shook hands
~Chickweed and ice plants
~Grandfather said, “We don’t lie for work.”
~The grandpa knows honesty and integrity
The author and illustrator tell a touching immigration story about the reversal of roles between child and adult….The family drama captures that universal immigrant experience in which the child must help the adult interpret the new world, while the wise adult still has much to teach the child about enduring values.”

Informational Writing

plan, draft, revise and edit
In your writing, make sure you:
  • Write an introduction
  • Elaborate with a variety of information
  • Organize your writing so that it makes sense to your reader
  • Use transition words
  • Write a conclusion

Letter to an author


Sample of a letter to the author This is a draft still

October 6, 2014
Draft Read this for ideas

Dear Patricia MacLachlan,
I would like to say that when I first started reading Edward's eyes, I did not entirely enjoy it. I was confused and half the time, I didn't really know what was going on. But after we read it for a while, my mind just clicked! I had finally started to understand it more and more. By the time Sabine was born, I fully understood the book and liked it a lot.
I loved all of the details you used so much! Every single character played a very important part in the story, so you had to pay very close attention. For example, when Sabine was born, there was a minor character named Angela Garden, who was a nurse at the hospital. She had made Jake and Edward comfortable when they came in the middle of the night to see their sister being born. She came up later in the story when she called their house to say that Edward had passed on. The minor details that were added in just made the story AMAZING!!! This is one way that made the story better for me.
I absolutely loved the fact that throughout the story, you could get to know the characters just a little bit better. For an example, in the very beginning, Albert just seemed like a random family friend that liked to play baseball (a lot!!). But after a while, I could see that Albert was an African American pro baseball player! All the characters were heartwarming and very inspirational.

Ava wrote about this cello group for writer's workshop 9-18-14 check out this link to a concert

Ideas from 2013 writing
Fun Olympic Facts
Primary Resources

ttp:// Vocabulary work and reading activities

Try this out for Mad Lib like stories. After you write a fill in the blank story, copy and paste it into a new word document. Add clip art and now you have a fun story to share.

Contests to watch for

We will work on the Letters to an Author contest in class so feel free to check out this contest.
Writing contest information Due Jan 18- the deadline was extended.