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Their passwords are their last name. They have to capitalize the first letter.

Force and Motion

The Moving Man Name

  • Click on Play with Sims, then click on Motion on the left side. Click on The Moving Man. Go to the Charts tab.

  • Close the velocity and acceleration graphs by clicking on the red minus sign on the right hand side of each graph.

force resources

Study Jam videos - Motion and design or many other science topics(even math)

Science websites to explore Bitesize science

Ecofriends/ environmental

Monarch butterfly

Walk to School April 22nd posters and announcements needed

April 21st electronic recycling curbside

Mixtures and Solutions

Student experiments:

Andrew B Sound waves and a wine glass

Vocabulary study for Mixtures and Solutions assessment

log in for spellingcity

lastname First initial number from mailbox and PE
TinkZ20 username
password spellingcity

try this website-

Earth , Moon and SUN

Test information- A review worksheet matching the test will be given to study.
Test taking hint***We will go over the review sheet before the test. Be sure to mark a ? on parts of the review you still need more help with.
A science partner or the teacher will go over these questions before the test.

Science Test: Sun, Moon and Earth

10 T/F test
9 Multiple Choice
  • understand the seasons, tilt of the earth, hemispheres
  • terrestrial planets vs gas planets
  • revolution ( revolution of the earth around the sun defines a year)
  • rotation ( because the earth rotates, the moon and the sun appear to move across the sky in a regular pattern- the earth rotates in a counter clockwise direction)
  • waxing vs waning
Explain the phases of the moon
Draw a lunar and solar eclipse
Show a diagram of the earth, moon and sun and how they rotate
Write the planets in order My very educated mother just served us no ( pizza)

Hands on explanation- Explain the tides of the ocean as they relate to the gravitational pull and orbit of the moon.
  • Inquiry- Evaluate data about the position and motion of objects in the sky- moon and tide) S.IA.05.11

Vocabulary practice quiz- The test will be a matching test from a list of 21 words, students will ned to match 10 words.
The exact 10 words are on this practice quiz. The definitions on the practice quiz are shortened.
Test taking hint- Highlight important words in the definition and look for them on the test.

- Gravity- force Gravity is the force that keeps most objects in the solar system in regular and predictable motion Blakemore Science McComas Science



Moon cycles, Eclipse Solar and Lunar presentation


Eclipse Video


Moon Re

Sun, Earth and Moon PROJECTS

Moon calendar

Earth , Moon and SUN

Student Projects

Living Systems

Physics in action. You might find some math connections too

Force and Motion:

go to the roller coaster for the experiment

disney movie april we went to see this movie for Earth Day 2014. Maybe we will get to go to a movie this year too.

Organization for Bat Conservation ‘Animal Adaptations,’ a live

Additional Resources:
About bat houses: