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Practice quizzes- These are also e mailed to you McComas math

Parents and Guardians,Many of you have asked how you can support your student’s learning at home. Here is an important way you can do that.
Go to LearnZillion is a website that provides teachers and parents with video lessons showing what your student needs to learn each year. The lessons include a 3-5 minute long lesson video, downloadable slides, and other resources for practice and assessment.
When you get to the site, type the following lesson codes into any search bar on the site. The codes will bring you directly to the lessons for your student.
Place LearnZillion Codes here

LZ2541 Mixed number fractions subtraction

Fractions Nov/Dec Unit 1

LZ2638 Common denominator using 1 multiplication
LZ2659 Adding fractions with unlike denominators
LZ2624 Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
LZ2794 Subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators using area models
* this is helpful for lesson 1.9

Background fraction information

LZ620 equivalent fractions
LZ2947 Subtracting fractions with like denominators by decomposing

Multiplication Unit 4 Oct.

LZ4389 Model with math for multiplication
LZ4390 Multi
LZ4391 Standard Algorithm

Place Value Unit 2 Sept.
Place ValueLZ3000
Enter these codes for current math lessons
Place value decimals
Using Blocks LZ3330
Read/ Write LZ3344
Expanded Form LZ3285
Comparing decimals on a number line LZ3780

LZ3430 Rounding with decimalsYour student can watch the videos alone or with you. Have your student take notes while watching. I have provided a notes sheet to help. If your student doesn’t have the notes sheet with them, he/she can recreate it by taking a piece of paper and breaking the front page into the following sections:
  • What is this lesson about?
  • Review
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • The main thing to learn

He/she can use the back of the paper to work on the “guided practice” video or other activities that come with the lesson.

Thank you for supporting your student’s learning at home. Let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely,

Mrs Diana McComas

Extra challenge: Something different to study
Oct challenge math- This matches what they studied in 5+ math in Unit 2
LZ1883 Area of a triangle
LZ12694 real life problems for area

Sept. challenge math
LZ552 Area models for division

2. Multiply multi-digit whole numbers
Examples: 521 x 35 = 18,235 and 43 x 94 = 4,042
Video Tutorials:

Practice Quizzes:
Go to
Games: (choose multiplication and super brain)

3. Multiply numbers with decimals
Examples: 5.3 x 84 = 445.2 and 2.75 x 1.49 = 4.0975
Video Tutorial:
Practice Quizzes:

go to