Camp Information

Camp Information Extra events you can find at the Howell Nature Center and more photos of camp

Fifth Grade Camp Information

Dates: Oct 22-24

If you forgot to send in the medication please arrive at school early to hand this into the office. 8:30 ish

Dates: Oct 22-24

Departure – Wednesday, Oct 22
  • For Wednesday; Please make sure your child has a sack lunch and a snack for later in the day.
  • Watch the weather and dress for cold or rain. We head out for activities right after lunch and don’t have time to dig into luggage. Layer up!
  • When arriving at Pierce, place belongings near front of school or inside front door if raining. Boy’s luggage will be on one side and girl’s on the opposite side.
· Children need to report to homerooms at the regular time 8:44am
Parent volunteers will load luggage on the bus.
· Departure from Pierce will be approximately 9:15 am.
  • ALL MEDICINE THAT NEEDS TO GO TO CAMP WITH YOUR CHILD MUST BE TURNED INTO THE OFFICE . Mrs. LaBurn and Mr. Lalik will be dispensing any medication to the students. If you have medication for your child, it must be turned into the office by 4:30pm on Tuesday, October 22. All medication must come in its original package or bottle. Over-the-counter medication does not require a physicians signature on this form. Medicine prescribed for your child will require the prescribing physician’s signature. All medicine (both over the counter or behind the counter) needs to be reported to us. This includes any types of medicine: prescription, ibuprofen, cough syrup, cough drops, etc.
Returning to Pierce – Friday, Oct. 24
  • Time: Between 1:30-2:00 pm
  • Plan to pick up your child and his/her belongings at this time. Please make arrangements for your child if you are unable to pick him/her up.
  • There are no classes for 5th graders upon returning.
Howell Conference & Nature Center
401 Triangle Lake Rd. Howell, MI 48843

What To Bring To Camp

Bring a Packed Lunch for Wednesday Oct 22

Howell Conference & Nature Center
What to Bring to Camp Packing List
For All Seasons
 Sleeping Bag  Pillow  Towels (at least 2)  Wash Cloth  Soap/Shampoo  Toothbrush/Toothpaste  Comb, Brush, etc.  Deodorant  Pajamas  Underwear  Socks  Pants/Shorts (no short shorts)  Shirts (no tank tops)  Water Bottle  Backpack
What NOT to Pack
 Radios, CD Players, iPods, Headphones.
 Knives  Gum, Candy, Food Electronic Games  Jewelry  Valuables  Cell Phones  DVD Players
Spring & Fall Additions
 Hooded Rain Gear (VERY IMPORTANT)  Boots/Sturdy Shoes that Can Get Wet  Warm Jacket  Insect Repellent

 Flashlight  Camera  Book  Sunglasses

Fifth Grade Camp Information

The documents regarding Fifth Grade Camp will be sent home soon
Please return the following by Friday, October 10, 2014.

  • Agreement to Participate for minors
  • Permission to Administer Medication (if needed)
  • Oct 24Pick-Up Information Form
  • Payment for Camp – $175(check payable to Pierce School) – or contact school office for Scholarship Assistance

Agreement to Participate for minors

Group/School Name Name Age _Birth Date (Month/Year) AddressCityState_ Zip Home Phone Work Phone Today's Date

I fully realize that participation in the high ropes, low ropes, initiatives, obstacle, zip line tower, wall climbing courses ("Courses"), Global Village, activities and all Environmental Education classes involves psychologically and physically challenging situations and that my participation in the same could result in sprains, cuts, rope burns and/or abrasions or more serious injury. I acknowledge that the Howell Nature Center ("HNC ") has/will informed me of all required safety regulations and that my failure to follow the regulations and instructions may result in serious injury. I understand that a physician should be consulted before participation in these courses if I have one of the following conditions: are pregnant, have a back condition, high blood pressure or a heart condition. I understand that an inhaler for exercised induced asthma, an Epi-pen for severe insect allergies or any other medication needed for a chronic medical condition should be brought with me to the challenge courses.I acknowledge that my participation in the Courses means I accept the dangers that are open, obvious and necessary to these activities.

In consideration for the right to participate in the Courses, activities and classes, I individually and collectively for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns do waive and release any and all claims by me or on behalf of me for property loss, personal injury, emotional distress, wrongful death, product liability, strict liability and/or negligent rescue which may incur against the HNC, the Presbytery of Detroit, Inc., its sponsors, agents, representatives, board members, employees, contractors and suppliers for any and all damages which I might sustain and suffer in connection with my participation in the Courses at HNC.

The HNC has my permission to secure emergency care for me if necessary. I accept full responsibility for the cost of any treatment for any injury suffered while participating in the Courses. I understand that any photographs taken of me participating at the HNC may be used for publicity.


I recognize that climbing can be a strenuous endeavor requiring me to be in good physical condition. I am listing below those conditions I have that could restrict my participation in the Challenge Courses.

Medications currently taking:

I further certify that to the best of my knowledge, I attest that I have disclosed all information that could restrict my participation in this activity.



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